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Autumn Defense Mosaic

Autumn Defense Tour Poster

  • Client: The Autumn Defense
  • Date Completed: April 2014

New tour poster design for The Autumn Defense. Featured on PolicyMic’s article “15 Beautiful Indie Concert Posters That Could Pass as Fine Art”


Guster Apron & Oven Mitt

  • Client: Nettwerk Music Group / Guster
  • Date Completed: April 2014

Band merch for Guster. The Guster guys have a good bit of fun. That comes through loud and clear on some of the band’s merch.  

Sticker collage

Self Promotion Vinyl Stickers

  • Client: The Silent P
  • Date Completed: March 2014

Three new vinyl sticker designs for…well, fun. Since being discovered by scientists over 10 years ago, ‘The Silent P’ has proven itself to be an element needed for success in all things, small and big…

St Paul Poster Collage

St. Paul & The Broken Bones Poster

  • Client: St. Paul & The Broken Bones
  • Date Completed: March 2014

Poster designed for the soul revivalists stop in Charlotte, NC. Rolling Stone features St. Paul And The Broken Bones in “48 Best Things We Saw At SXSW 2014. Screen printed as a two color spot on French Paper’s Speckletone stock.…

Trey Mosaic

Trey Anastasio Band Poster Design

  • Client: Trey Anastasio Band
  • Date Completed: February 2014

“Blue Collar Workin’ Man” Tool image collage created from 2 old sears catalogs and a clip art book. High resolution image of old Milwaukee map researched high and low till we found the perfect one.…

Screenshot 2014-02-14 16.11.58

Pro Staffing Website

  • Client: Pro Staffing
  • Date Completed: January 2014

See it live here: Prostaffing Since 2007, ProStaffing has helped thousands of people find great jobs and achieve their career objectives. They needed a fresh and new website design to reflect their uniqueness in the…

Additional Recent Work

Screenshot 2014-04-14 09.44.36

PolicyMic features Two Poster Designs

A recent article in the Arts & Entertainment section of PolicyMic, a popular news and lifestyle blog out of NYC, talked about poster art and design in the music world. Two Silent P posters are…

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Special Edition “Vinyl is Killing the MP3″ T-shirt

To celebrate Record Store Day coming up on April 19th, 2014, we will be releasing one special edition version of the “Vinyl is Killing the MP3″ t-shirt theme. The original can be seen here. The…

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MGordon Process image collage

The Making of a Poster (Process Photos)

Behind-the-scenes peeks of any creative endeavor, be it a movie, a painting, or in this case, a poster design, are always kinda cool to get a glimpse of…hopefully you’ll agree, and if not, there’s endless…

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Vintage Branding of the Ralph Lauren Polo Collection

We are really loving the vintage branding of the Ralph Lauren Polo collection.  The depth of the brand woven through each hangtag through deeply complex and diverse graphics.  Individually, each hang tag tells the brand…

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Robert Rauschenberg + The Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues

For a fan of unique music and great art, it doesn’t get much better than this: David Byrne asked fellow NYC artists Robert Rauschenberg (one of our personal faves) to design his band’s release “Speaking…

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There are times during the course of a creative project where you end up with lots of unpublished and unused designs that sadly never see the light of day. Quite some time ago we were…

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One Month Left for “All Access”!

Just a brief note to mention to people in the Western NC area that our poster show “All Access” presently showing at the Hickory Museum of Art is up for only one more month (show…

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The Making of an Album Cover

We wanted to share with you some of the creative process and behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating an album cover design, this one was for one our faves, Farewell Milwaukee, who just released “Can’t…

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